Jeff Germain
Jeff is the drummer for legendary Canadian rock band “Queen City Kids”. Whether it was irony or simply payback that led him to become a client and eventual owner of Vancouver Island’s most respected hearing aid company remains to be seen. In any case, the Beltone First™ model that he personally uses works wirelessly with his smartphone and allows him to hear music and clearly understand conversations in noise.

And even without Jeff’s big 80s hair, you wouldn’t know he’s wearing them.

Jeff and the Kids had a great career, earning a gold record and touring with the likes of Rush, Ozzie Osbourne and Joan Jett. But Jeff eventually decided to leave the road and join the family business; he and his wife Sharon have been in the hearing care industry for more than 25 years now. So if you think that all the hours you’ve spent standing next to the speakers or blasting your headphones may have had an impact on your hearing, come on in to Beltone. Jeff understands.