Ross’ Beltone First™ hearing aids work wirelessly with his smartphone and allow him to hear everything more clearly – including the TV! Now he and Cathy can watch Masterpiece Theatre together again (although to be honest, Ross would really rather be watching pro sports).

Ross and Cathy are very typical of the clients we serve at Island Beltone: only one of them has hearing loss, but they were both definitely affected. Cathy was also very involved in the purchase of Ross’ hearing aids and learning how to use them. Here’s how they describe the experience:

Cathy: “The terrible thing about hearing loss is that it isolates people. Ross had always been really social, but he had started to withdraw. Our kids and grandkids all noticed that he wasn’t taking part in conversations quite as much. We were starting to get worried.”

Ross: “I had started to think that I would have to give up my volunteer work, which I really love, because I just couldn’t hear properly in meetings. It would have been a huge loss for me. But now I can hear clearly again.”

Cathy: “It has taken time though.”

Ross: “There’s definitely quite a learning curve, and I’m sure that’s why some people give up on hearing aids too soon. You don’t just put them in and immediately hear perfectly. Learning to hear better is a two-way commitment between you and your hearing aid expert!”

Cathy: “Ross is using the Beltone Firsts, which he controls with his iPod Touch. The technology is incredible – although in the first few months we did make several trips to Island Beltone to ask questions and get adjustments.”

Ross: “Larissa and Jeff at Island Beltone have been unbelievably helpful. Their encouragement kept me motivated. It’s a real team effort, so you have to work closely with the hearing expert and be willing to invest the time to learn about the technology and how it works with your particular hearing issues. Larissa patiently spent time with me to fine-tune my hearing aids in the first few months. But, it made all the difference.

Cathy: “It was a process for sure. Keeping a journal was a really good idea.”

Ross: “Yes! I kept a diary about what I was experiencing – situations when my hearing aids wouldn’t work so well, or frustrations I had with the App I was learning to use. That way I could go over it during my appointments and have all my questions answered, and the Beltone people would know what adjustments were needed. The investment in time and learning has been so worthwhile. The difference now is amazing.”

Cathy: “I’d say you’re pretty much back to your old self. Although I notice that there are still times when you don’t seem to hear me…”

Ross: “Possibly. But at least now I’m ignoring you by choice.”